Dance studio or team sessions can be set up to create beautiful images for your business use.  We can spend a day shooting at your studio or location of choice and capture individual and group images.  These are a great opportunity to get fun and creative!  

SI Company 2020-85SI Company 2020-85 SI Company 2019-128SI Company 2019-128 SI Dance Fall 2018-143SI Dance Fall 2018-143 SI Dance Fall 2018-96SI Dance Fall 2018-96 SI Dance Fall 2018-31SI Dance Fall 2018-31 SI Dance Fall 2018-50SI Dance Fall 2018-50 Jessica Raun-35Jessica Raun-35 Movement In Motion July 2018-43Movement In Motion July 2018-43 SI Dance Company Photoshoot -54SI Dance Company Photoshoot -54 Movement In Motion April 2018-1131Movement In Motion April 2018-1131 Movement In Motion April 2018-8Movement In Motion April 2018-8 SI Dance Company 2019-54SI Dance Company 2019-54 Movement In Motion July 2018-6Movement In Motion July 2018-6 SI Dance Fall 2018-13SI Dance Fall 2018-13


Another option is for me to photograph your dancers on stage during a rehearsal.  This allows me to capture them as they are creating beautiful movement.  

2019 SI Dance Dress Rehearsal-4282019 SI Dance Dress Rehearsal-428 2019 SI Dance Dress Rehearsal-7792019 SI Dance Dress Rehearsal-779 2019 SI Dance Dress Rehearsal-5272019 SI Dance Dress Rehearsal-527 2019 SI Dance Dress Rehearsal-4072019 SI Dance Dress Rehearsal-407 2019 SI Dance Dress Rehearsal-2612019 SI Dance Dress Rehearsal-261 2019 SI Dance Dress Rehearsal-3392019 SI Dance Dress Rehearsal-339 2019 SI Dance Dress Rehearsal-1172019 SI Dance Dress Rehearsal-117 2019 SI Dance Dress Rehearsal-13032019 SI Dance Dress Rehearsal-1303 2019 SI Dance Dress Rehearsal-12152019 SI Dance Dress Rehearsal-1215 2019 SI Dance Dress Rehearsal-15672019 SI Dance Dress Rehearsal-1567 2019 SI Dance Dress Rehearsal-17552019 SI Dance Dress Rehearsal-1755 2019 SI Dance Dress Rehearsal-14062019 SI Dance Dress Rehearsal-1406


And finally, I can bring my studio set up to your space to do portraits for all studio dancers in their performance costumes.  Both individual and group shots can be done.  

MIM-Model Call -8MIM-Model Call -8 MIM-Model Call -66MIM-Model Call -66 MIM-Model Call -118MIM-Model Call -118 MIM-Model Call -206MIM-Model Call -206 SI Dance 2019-41SI Dance 2019-41 SI Dance 2019-28SI Dance 2019-28 SI Dance 2019-497SI Dance 2019-497 SI Dance 2019-418SI Dance 2019-418 SI Dance 2019-52SI Dance 2019-52 SI Dance Nutcracker 2020-168SI Dance Nutcracker 2020-168 SI Dance Nutcracker 2020-207SI Dance Nutcracker 2020-207 SI Dance Recital 2018-27SI Dance Recital 2018-27 SI Dance Recital 2018-101SI Dance Recital 2018-101 SI Dance Recital 2018-255SI Dance Recital 2018-255 SI Dance Recital 2018-474SI Dance Recital 2018-474


For pricing information and options, please email me at [email protected]